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Pizza Bases

Pizza Bases

Makes 8 pizza bases – 25cm/10in

1kg/2lb 3oz strong bread flour
30g/1oz salt
3x7g sachets dried yeast
30g/1oz sugar
565ml/1 pint tepid water
2 tbsp olive oil

Put the flour onto a work surface or use a bowl if you are short of space. Using your fingers, make a big well in the middle of the flour.
Add your sugar, salt and yeast then pour in the tepid water. Using a fork, make circular movements from the centre outwards, slowly bringing in more of the flour until the yeast mix is soaked up. This should be starting to look like dough now so you can start to work and knead it until it is smooth.
This should take around 4 minutes. Roll out to a sausage shape and divide into 8 or 10 balls, depending on how large you want the pizzas to be.
Lightly top with your chosen topping (the simpler the better) and bake directly on the oven bars for 10 minutes at your ovens highest temperature.

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