Due to the large amount of spam I receive I have created a gmail account for my website. Also this allows me to check emails on the move. Replace AT with @ before emailing.

~ All recipes are donated unless otherwise stated.
~ I do not hold the copyright to any recipe unless it has “Mem” in the title.
~ If you come across any errors please email me or leave a comment on the recipe page so they can be fixed or removed.

Submitting Photo/Recipe:
Please feel free to email in your food photos and recipes. I would love to show them off. If you used a recipe from Mouthwatering Munchies then please copy the link so I know which one.

If you want credit for your recipe or photo (or both) then make sure you let me know in your message. Also include your name/nickname/sitename you want the credit to and optional is email address or url or both. I will not link to hate sites/porn/spam sites.

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