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French Toast

French Toast

1 egg
pinch salt
2 tablespoons cold milk
2 slices of white bread
A little butter

1. Break the egg into the bowl and whisk with the fork.
2. Add the milk and salt.
3. Dip each piece of bread thoroughly into the egg mixture.
4. Put the butter into the frying pan over a medium flame or heat.
5. When the butter foams, put the bread into it and cook on each side.
6. Remove when both sides are browned.

You may have to cook one piece at a time unless you have a very large frying pan.


  1. I made French Toast for the first time in my life (22nd Jan 2006) .. have never tried it either. Turned out really well as I made my own bread to use. It tasted quite good. 🙂 I used 4 thick pieces of bread .. mind you they will not go crunchy; and 4 x the egg and milk for 2 people.

  2. I made this again for easter .. this time I used hot cross buns (can use fruit loaf) and put a little bit of vanilla in the egg mixture. Once it was cooked I sprinkled one side with cinnamon sugar. Mmmmmmm

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