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Turkish Delight (Thermomix)

Photo by Sares

Turkish Delight (Thermomix)

1L water
900g sugar
225g cornflour
20ml rosewater
10ml lemon juice
6.5g cream of tartar
red or pink food colour

To Coat:
60g cornflour
225g pure icing sugar.

# In a heavy based saucepan place 250ml water, sugar and lemon juice and heat until the mix reaches soft ball stage (about 115C). Do not stir.
# While this is happening place butterfly attachment into Thermomix bowl and add cornflour and cream of tartar. Set time to 5 minutes, temperature varoma, speed 2 and gradually add in remaining water ensuring no lumps are formed. At the end of this time it should be boiling and a thick paste should have formed.
# Set time to 60 minutes, temperature 80, speed 2 and slowly pour in sugar syrup. In the meantime line a 20cm square tin with clingwrap. When the time is almost up (1 minute left) add rosewater and a drop of food colouring.
# Quickly pour mixture into tin and smooth as fast as possible. It will set quite quickly. Allow to cool to room temperature then cover with cling film and leave to cool overnight.
# Mix together coating ingredients. Unwrap turkish delight and cut into squares. Toss pieces in coating mixture and place in an airtight container lined with greaseproof paper and sprinkled with the coating mixture.

Photo by Sares

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  1. Hi
    I am assuming remove butterfly

    Secondly mc in or out for 60 minute cook ?


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  2. Hello almost Martha – You can find this recipe here on Sares page.

    Feel free to ask Sares how she went about making the Turkish Delight 🙂

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