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Parmesan Bread (Thermomix)

Parmesan Bread (Thermomix)

80g parmesan, cubed (TM direction, just grate it otherwise)
270g water
2 tsp dried yeast
500g bakers flour
1 and 1/2 tsp “masterfoods” pizza topper
2 tsp bread improver
1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp salt
garlic infused olive oil for basting

1. Place the cubed parmesan in TM, and process 7 seconds, speed 8. Set aside in another bowl.
2. Place water in jug and add yeast. Mix for 2 minutes, 37c, speed 3.
3. Add in olive oil, flour, bread improver, pizza herbs and salt.
4. Set lid to locked position and knead for 3 minutes.
5. Leave dough in jug to rest for 10 minutes.
6. Whilst resting, heat oven to 150c for 5 minutes only. Turn oven off.
7. Line a roll pan (rectangular shape) that is approximately 30 x 20cm, with grease proof paper.
8. Roll dough out to fit, and place in tin. Just push dough to fit into corners
9. Place the dough into pre warmed oven, and leave to rise for 45 minutes.
10. Once risen, remove tin from oven and pre-heat oven to 200c.
11. Whilst oven is heating, dimple the dough with your knuckles or thumb, and baste with garlic infused olive oil.
12. Sprinkle the pre-grated parmesan over dough, then sprinkle liberally with the pizza topper.
13. Once oven is heated, pop the bread in and cook for 25 minutes.

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