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Oyster Mushroom and Herb Omelette

Oyster Mushroom and Herb Omelette

POINTS value | 3
Servings | 1
Preparation Time | 5 min
Cooking Time | 5 min
Level of Difficulty | Moderate

vegetarian | It is easy to buy small packs of fresh herbs now and they make delicious, quick fillings. Sliced fresh tomatoes sprinkled with a little salt and thyme make a good side salad.

3 sprig parsley
2 teaspoon oregano, (or 1 large fresh sprig) or marjoram
1 large onion(s), chopped
60 g mushrooms, oyster, sliced thinly
5 spray low-fat cooking spray
1/2 tablespoon low-fat soft cheese
2 medium egg(s), beaten and seasoned
1 pinch salt
1 teaspoon pepper, black, ground

1. Snip the herb sprigs into small pieces. Mix with the chopped onion and set aside.
2. Coat a small saucepan with cooking spray and stir the mushrooms. Heat slowly until hot, adding 1 or 2 tablespoons of water as the pan begins to sizzle. Cook for a minute or two until the mushrooms start to soften. Season and mix in the herbs and low-fat soft cheese.
3. Meanwhile, heat a small non-stick omelette pan and spray lightly with the low-fat spray. Pour in the beaten eggs and cook over a medium heat until the sides start to set.
4. Then, using a spatula, pull the set egg away from the sides and allow the liquid egg to run underneath. When the mixture is half set, scatter over the mushroom filling. Continue cooking the egg until almost cooked.
5. Hold the pan over a warmed plate and fold the omelette in half. Then push the omelette out onto the plate and serve immediately.

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