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2 – 3 sheets Rice Paper
350 g Sugar
150 ml Water
125 g liquid Glucose
25 g liquid Honey
1 large Egg White
A pinch Cream of Tartar
50 g Glace Cherries or other glace fruit
25 g chopped Angelica
25 g Flaked Almonds, chopped
Brazil Nuts or Hazel Nuts

You will need:
A heavy saucepan, a mixing bowl, an electric whisk and a 20 cm square sandwich tray

* Dampen a 20 cm square sandwich tin and line the bottom with a sheet of rice paper.
* Place sugar and water in the saucepan stirring over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved.
* Add the glucose and honey.
* Increase the heat and bring to the boil without stirring.
* Boil to 135 c
* Whisk the egg white with cream of tartar until stiff.
* Gradually pour in the hot syrup whisking all the time.
* Continue whisking until the mixture begins to firm then quickly stir in the fruits and nuts.
* Tip the mixture into the tin pressing down with a spatula.
* Cover with a layer of rice paper and leave to set for at least 12 hours before cutting into individual portions.

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