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Snickers Chocolate Bar Pizza

Snickers Chocolate Bar Pizza

Roll out your pizza base, and then brush over it with butter and sprinkle with a little bit of icing sugar. Pop it in a hot oven just for a few minutes while you chop 3 snickers bars finely.

Take your base out of the oven (just only ever so slightly browned, not even beige).

Squeeze a swirl of chocolate topping around the base then sprinkle chopped snickers bars over the pizza base.

Cook until all the chocolate is melted then take from the oven, and leave to cool for a moment. Cut and serve on a plate. Sprinkle a swirl of icing sugar around the edges and serve with a big dollop of vanilla ice cream in the middle.


  1. This sounds super-yummy and super-decadent!
    Can’t wait to try it – when I can find a pizza base that doesn’t have tomato on it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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