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Roast Beef and Gravy

Roast Beef and Gravy

1 cup beef stock
1/2 can cream of asparagus soup
2 Tbsp onion flakes
1 Tbsp Garlic and Herb Seasoning
1.3 kg sirloin or round roast
3 tbsp brown gravy mix combined with 3 tbsp water

The night before: Combine beef stock, soup, onion flakes and spice together in your slow cooker and stir. Place frozen roast inside centre pot of slow cooker and spoon sauce all over roast. Cover and leave in fridge overnight.
In the morning return covered centre pot to the outside of slow cooker. Set at low heat and cook for about 8 hours.
Remove roast from slow cooker.
Stir gravy mix into slow cooker juices using a fork or a whisk while it starts to thicken.

Serves: 4

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