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Persian Lamb with Pumpkin and Pomegranate Sauce

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Photo by Julie O’Malley

Persian Lamb with Pumpkin and Pomegranate Sauce

3 Tbsp olive oil
1 large onion halved and sliced
2 cloves garlic finely chopped
1 red capsicum coarsely chopped
3 red birds eye chillies, deseeded and coarsely chopped
1 tsp ground cumin
3 Tbsp pomegranate molasses
2 tsp honey
250ml chicken stock
1kg boneless lamb shoulder cut into 2.5cm chunks
350g pumpkin cut into 4cm cubes
1 cup coarsely chopped coriander/parsley
couscous to serve

Heat half the oil in the pressure cooker over low-med heat. Cook the onion and garlic until the onion is clear and softened. Add the capsicum, chilli and cumin, and cook for further 4-5 minutes until the capsicum has softened. Add the molasses and honey and stir to combine. Transfer to a processor and blend while gradually adding 3 Tbsp of the chicken stock until the mixture is smooth.

Heat the remaining oil in the pressure cooker over med-high heat. Season the lamb with salt and pepper and cook for 3-4 mins until browned. Pour in the remaining stock. Add the capsicum puree and pumpkin and stir to combine. Lock the lid and bring to high pressure over high heat. Once stabilised, cook 15 minutes.

Release using the normal release method. Simmer uncovered over medium heat for 5 minutes or until the sauce thickens. Stir in the coriander/parsley and season with salt and pepper. Serve with couscous.

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