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Mince Tacos

Mince Tacos

taco seasoning packet – follow recipe method.
500g mince meat
1 can of mexi beans (drained and rinsed)
taco sauce
taco shells (heat them up in oven)

shredded lettuce
grated cheese
cubed tomato
grated carrot
chilli sauce, bbq sauce or taco sauce (optional)

Cook the meat until browned, stir in mexi beans, cook for 1 min, then put the seasoning in mix that in, add the water (the seasoning pack should say how much water), stir until it starts to thicken, add taco sauce (optional), stir, cook for 2 mins until thickens again.

Put all the taco mince into a dish and pop it on the table and let people make their own!!

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