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Tamarind Sauce

Tamarind Sauce

4 Packets of 450g Tamarind
1kg Palm Sugar (take wax off the top)
2kg White Sugar
250ml Fish Sauce
500g Fried Onions

Soak tamarind over night in water. Squeeze in water until all mushy. Strain through a fine colander, add water to pass through. Throw the seeds and fibre away.

Strain the mixture again, add extra water to help pass through. You want all the seeds and fibre to be removed.

Put in a large pot and boil. When boiling add melted palm sugar, (heat in microwave for 3 minutes), add the white sugar and fish sauce. Boil for about 3 hours.

Crush the fried onions into small pieces and cook in a wok with a small amount of oil for 3 minutes on a low heat. Add to the boiling tamarind mixture and boil for a further 5 minutes and allow to cool.


# The more the mixture is boiled the longer it will keep.
# Can be frozen in portions.
# This recipe makes a large quantity.

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  1. This was the recipe used in the Thai restaurant I worked in as Head Chef. It’s used in Pad Thai’s.

    This can be frozen in microwave containers and thawed out when ready to be used.

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