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Nibblies (Age: 12 months+)


This recipe’s suitable to toddlers aged at least 12 months and makes great party food.

1/2 cup yoghurt sultanas
1/4 cup coconut fruits
1/2 cup puffed corn
1/2 cup apricot slice, sliced
1/4 cup chopped dried apple

1/2 cup soya crisps
1/2 cup peaz (extruded dried green peas)
1/2 cup potato twists
1/2 cup rice crisps
1/2 cup soya chips
1/2 cup sultanas

* Toss ingredients together and store in an airtight container.

* Use as required. They will keep fresh for approximately 1 week.

* All the ingredients are generally available in health food shops and major supermarkets in the self-serve selection area. Use the quantities as a guide and include some of your toddler’s favourites.

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