Cheese and Herb Pastry Hats

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  1. Mem says:

    I made these for Myself and Partner .. mmmm beautiful. I changed the recipe a little though – used 250g Ricotta Cheese; about a cup of grated cheese; added 1/2 small onion, few mushrooms – finely diced. Next time I make this I will also be adding finely diced tomatoes, cooked chicken; shredded spinach; and maybe some sour cream.

  2. jacinta onus says:

    love this recipe it really was a winner with the guest.
    am going to make it again sometime soon..

  3. mikaela says:

    really think this recipe is GREAT!!

    it was a big hit with the kids and there so easy to make.. defs at the top of my list now!!! good on ya

    i agree with u jacinta. it was a treat

  4. dee says:

    i love this recipe sooo much..
    but i changed it alittle bit i used carrots (finley diced) AND capsicum.
    with a little onion and i made them bite size.. was just beautiful !!!
    my kids wanted more
    love it !! agree with jacinta and mikaela !! 😆 😀

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