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Fruity Fondue (Age: 12 months +)

Fruity Fondue

Age: 12 months +

Serves: 3 serves

1/2 cup fruit yoghurt
2 teaspoons orange juice
Raw or canned fruit for dipping

Put yoghurt is a bowl and add a little grated orange rind if you like a jaffa flavour. Heat slowly.

Thin with two teaspoons of orange juice. The mixture will thicken on standing, but may be warmed again at any time.

Put the sauce in a shallow bowl with an inviting selection of pieces of raw or canned fruit to dip in it. (A shallow bowl means the child eats more fruit and less sauce!)

Tiny cocktail forks for spearing fruit are fun. This is a good outdoor activity on a hot day, for children wearing few clothes!

You can refrigerate the dip for days, reheating it when required, or you can make tiny amounts like 1/4 of the recipe.

Use any firm fruit that can be cut into pieces and picked up such as apples, pears, strawberries, bananas or stone fruit.

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