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Fried Calamari With Mango Chilli Jam

Fried Calamari With Mango Chilli Jam

500g Fresh Calamari (Squid)
1/2 cup Corn Flour
Salt and pepper
1 Large Fresh Mango
1 Fresh Chili
100g Brown Sugar or Palm sugar
Touch Ginger
Juice and zest from 1 Lime

Prepare squid by cleaning and cutting into desired pieces. Once the squid is cut, place it in a bowl with some corn flour, salt and pepper.

Cut up mango and cook over low heat with a little water and sugar until the fruit is soft. Prepare the remaining ingredients by adding one chili chopped without the seeds; (keep the seeds if you like it hot). A small bunch of mint, coriander, parsley (chopped), grated ginger, lime juice and zest.

At this stage the mango should be soft and ready to mash up. Once the mango is mashed add the remaining ingredients to the mango and mix through. Cook for another 5 mins and allow to cool.

After the jam has been made you can start cooking the squid. Heat some oil in a pan with a depth of around 1 inch or so. Once the oil is hot add the squid a piece at a time and turning when squid turns opaque. This will be quick so be careful not to over cook it.

Lay the cooked squid onto a dish with paper towel to take up the excess oil. After cooking the squid arrange it around a dipping bowl filled with the mango chili jam.

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