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Caramel Marshmallow Slice

Caramel Marshmallow Slice

1 cup (150g) self-raising flour
3/4cup(65g) desiccated coconut
1/2cup(100g) firmly packed brown sugar
125g butter, melted
2tbls desiccated coconut, toasted, extra

Grease a 20cmx30cm lamington pan, line base with baking paper extending the ends over the edge of the pan. Combine flour, coconut, sugar and butter in a medium bowl, press over the base of the prepared pan with the back of a spoon. Bake in a moderate oven (350F) for approx. 15mins til lightly browned. Cool.

400g tin sweetened condensed milk
60g butter
2tblsps golden syrup

Combine the ingredients in a medium pan and whisk over heat until the butter melts. Simmer whisking constantly, about 8 minutes til the mixture is dark golden brown and thickened.
Spread the caramel over the base.

1cup(110g) castor sugar
1cup(250ml) water
1tblsp gelatine powder
1tsp vanilla essence

Combine the sugar, water, and gelatine in a medium pan, stir over low heat without boiling, until the gelatine dissolves. Simmer, stirring, 5 minutes. Cool. Transfer mixture to a small bowl, beat with an electric mixer til the mixture holds its shape. Add vanilla essence, beat til combined. Spread over the caramel layer. Sprinkle with the extra toasted coconut. Refrigerate at least 2 hours before cutting.

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