Saag Roti

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  1. Mem says:

    Ok when I made this I read the recipe wrong lol. I just used 2 cups of plain flour plus extra until the mix kneadable and not sticky. Next time I will do the wholemeal & plain or see if I can find atta flour.

    I squeezed my spinach between 2 chopping boards.

    Make sure the balls of dough don’t touch as they stick back together after a while eekkss.

    I used my electric fry-pan on the hottest setting and chucked 5 roti’s into the frypan at a time (rolled them as I needed them). I didn’t cover with a lid but let it puff up and brown a bit, then the other side.

    These where a bit floury but that was probably because I stuffed up. Next time will add some garlic, use ghee instead of oil and maybe a little bit of grated cheese (and of course the correct type and amount of flour).

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