Liqueur Coffee Cheesecake

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  1. Mem says:

    I made this Cheesecake today (Jan 20th). It’s looking good. I can’t wait to eat it. I ended up using chocolate chip cookies for the base .. also had to x3 the biscuits and made sure I had enough melted butter to combine the base mixture just right. I also used 500g of cream cheese as I couldn’t be bothered pulling out 100g from 2 x 250g containers. It has still turned out perfectly. I will not be making the topping for it but instead I will be doing whipped cream with chocolate curls on the top.

  2. Mem says:

    Well my other half and I have just tried the Cheesecake (Jan 20th). It was a bit rich for me (I’m not a big fan of things sickly sweet) but my other half loved it. 😀

  3. Mem says:

    Jan 21st: Ok I’ve given the cheesecake another try today to see what it’s like after sitting overnight .. mmm tastes sooo much better now and not as rich as it was.

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