Butter Chicken

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  1. Mem says:

    Oh this is to die for. I totally loved it. I choose it because well I don’t like red meat and have never made butter chicken before (yes have eaten it though).

    I used Greek yoghurt and because it was a 500ml tub and didn’t want to waste it – doubled the items in step 2. Plus I used about 1.3kg of chicken breast diced up. I let min marinate over night and when draining just stuck it over a colander to drain the excess (not that there was much). I had to cook my chicken in the oven for 30 minutes so it was cooked (my oven sucks) and drained the chicken again in washed out colander to get rid of the water bits.

    Steps 1 and 3 I just mixed the chicken with it instead of sprinkling and brushing.

    I did step 6 in my electric frypan and served with the roti’s (I hate rice).

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