Blueberry Yoghurt Crumble Cake

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  1. Mem says:

    I made this with a packet of thawed out frozen berries instead of blueberries. With the crumble I added a little extra flour so it would crumble. I also used blueberry vanilla yoghurt. Mine cooked for about 1hour and 40 mins. Oh and I also used cinnamon sugar instead of cinnamon.

  2. Mem says:

    Ok I made this again on the weekend as I had some lactose free berry yoghurt to use up. I didn’t have any berries or almonds so I ended up cutting up 2 apples and then made a large crumble mix of flour, margarine, cinnamon sugar, white sugar and brown sugar. Mmmm for a person that isn’t a big cake fan unless it’s chocolate .. I sure love this.

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